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  1. You really need to put a big “CLICK HERE TO DONATE” link right here in the blog. With the RSS feed, this is the main point of entry for me, and I would guess, a lot of people. So I wanted to donate.. but how? It took me a couple minutes to figure it out: click on the header to get to the main blog page, then click “How it works” to get to a description page, then click the donate button there, then fill out paypal info. Or did I miss something easier?

  2. There’s a donation button on every chapter page, but you’re right, adding one here in the blog would be a good idea.

  3. Lawrence, what’s the smallest payment you can reasonably accept without having Paypal fuck you over fee-wise?

  4. That’s a good question. There’s no obvious break-point, and despite the fees I’ll happily accept anything, but PayPal’s minimum fee is (I think) 33 cents, so really, the percentages aren’t real great anywhere below $5.00.

  5. Glad Chapter 5 is paid for, but the real question is whether Chapter 5 is finished being written yet.

    Do you feel that the serials suffer from the enforced schedule? I loved Spriggan, and so far so good on The Vondish Ambassador, but from the author’s point of view – do you feel that the serials require more rework in order to meet your standards, or does the strict regimen help at all? If you were writing these for the New York publishers, would they be substantially different?

    The process fascinates me. Creativity on a schedule.

  6. Oh, Chapter 5 is written.

    Chapter 6 isn’t.

    These really go pretty much the same as they would if I wrote them the traditional way, at least so far. The only difference will be if I decide partway through that I’ve taken a wrong turn and need to go back and rework something, which hasn’t happened yet with these two but has with some of my novels.

    I dread that possibility. I’m hoping that I know Ethshar well enough, and these stories are straightforward enogh, that it won’t happen.

    But as far as the first draft being written this fast and all in order, that’s my normal approach. Fleshing it out in rewrite is also my usual method. So it’s not very different at all.

  7. I want to donate toward the book, but having very little money not allocated to bills, it will not be in large amounts. ($25 to me is a substantial amount.) Do you keep track of the donations? Would it be easiest for you if I sent $5 a month for 5 months or would it be easier if I saved it up in my Paypal account & sent it all at once?

  8. Yes, I keep track — I sort the payments by e-mail address, and add them up at the end.

    Which means that if you change e-mail addresses I may not realize it’s still you, but otherwise several small payments instead of one large one are fine.

  9. The total paypal fees for five $5 payments is about $2.50

    The paypal fee for one $25 payment is about $1.05

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