4 thoughts on “Chapter Four has been posted

  1. Found a typo:

    This Vond the Great Warlock must have gone there trying to escape the Calling, and built himself an empire for some reason, perhaps just asa distraction, but then the Calling had gotten him anyway.

    Also, not quite sure if this was a typo or if I just have an awkward time following the structure of this sentence:

    “I don’t know,” Vengar said. “He might be. Is there some magic important that they need done?

    Did you mean important magic, or that there is some magic which is important that they get done? I realize that Vengar is likely not the most well spoken person, but I had a difficult time understanding the intent of the sentence.

    Did you mean “a while” here?:

    “I know, I know!” Vengar said. “And he will, I’m sure. It just may take awhile to arrange.”

  2. I was wondering about that magic line myself. I had to reread to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

  3. This is what comes of posting first draft.

    As for Vond’s history, that’s in The Unwilling Warlord.

  4. Well, if you won’t get annoyed at my compulsive proofreading, I won’t suppress it. I certainly wouldn’t attempt to critique sentence structure, style, etc., unless as in the above example I have a hard time understanding what you mean.

    But I do figure you want to know about typos and the like.

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