Realms of Light: Progress Report Fourteen

Funds received: $1,662. Needed for next chapter: $1,750.

I’m now e-mailing chapters to donors as soon as they’re completed, so those who have signed up for this service have received Chapter Eight. (If you’re a donor and haven’t signed up, what are you waiting for?)

I’ve written about two-thirds of Chapter Nine, but I’ve been severely distracted by preparing our house to be sold, and by a sudden rush of paid critiquing. The house prep is about 95% complete and I’ve started writing the last of the critiques (which means I’ve read the entire very long novel in question), so I’m hoping to have those out of the way soon, which will allow me to concentrate more on Realms of Light. Though there are still other distractions.

And to reiterate what I told someone in a comment thread: The longer it takes to finish Realms of Light, the longer it will be before I start another Ethshar story. I am not going to abandon this until at least 2010, and I’m not going to start another serial until this one’s finished. Anyone impatiently waiting for me to give up on Carlisle Hsing and get to The Final Calling will have a long wait.

Thanks for your support.

8 thoughts on “Realms of Light: Progress Report Fourteen

  1. I’ve contributed, and signed up, but I think something’s eating the inbound. Probably Earthlink’s spam filter but we shall see. Let me know if I’m still on the list, will you?

    Meanwhile, though, no chapter 8. 🙁

    OTOH, having just read chapter 7… all that data…. Has Grandfather perhaps backed HIMSELF up? Oh, the possibilities (if whoever spread the rumor isn’t the assassin, maybe Grandpa II?)

  2. Have you considered ‘interleaved’ serials? For example, you post at most 1 chapter per week, but not necessarily from the same story. If more than one has enough money then the chapter would come from the one that was started earliest.

    Ofc, saying that you won’t start the Final Calling until this is over may result in more people subscribing to this one.

  3. I’ve considered doing multiple serials at once, yes. At present I can’t manage it, but I’m not ruling it out for the future.

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