7 thoughts on “The Sorcerer’s Widow: Progress Report Three

  1. I begin to have some remarkably amusing suspicions about those talismans… Not to mention the precise number of grifters involved. 🙂

  2. That sorcery device name fits with the pattern of devices as named by sorcerers. But, if I’m reading it right, it raises questions about the world on which Ethshar is located.

  3. I all I can find right now is the one, I could have sworn there was some reference to others somewhere though. I might have been thinking about the names of the gods or something.

  4. In the talk page about sorcery that I linked to there are a few others.

    Thanks for doing the search. They don’t say where they came from though.

  5. And this is another reason why I love reading all the new Ethshar books as serials: getting to read it with other fans and hear their thoughts. I never would have read into the name of the sorcery device. Thanks for the link to the wiki.

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