Ishta’s Companion: Progress Report Eight

The eighth chapter of Ishta’s Companion has escaped custody. It was last seen on the web.

Chapter Nine is paid for and written and should appear next week.

Chapter Ten is neither written nor paid for, but I’m about halfway through writing it.

I’m going to be traveling later this month and into October, and if Chapter Ten is written and paid for, I can’t guarantee it’ll be posted as fast as usual, and there probably won’t be the usual flood of announcements.

3 thoughts on “Ishta’s Companion: Progress Report Eight

  1. I’m pretty sure the reference to the third moon is facetious. I think it’s been established in the other novels that if there ever was a third moon, it was destroyed before recorded history.

    But we’ve never heard whether any magicians have tried to visit the other two moons. The only magician we’ve seen try to explore the sky was Vond and he turned back because Sterren asked him to.


  2. I am amazed at how calm the dad was when he found out Tesk was Shatra, I thought he would completely flip out.

    On a side note, about how many chapters do you think this story is going to be? I really like how this story has been building up so far, cant wait for the rest!

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