Ishta’s Companion: Progress Report Twelve

Chapter Twelve is posted. It was actually paid for a couple of days early, unlike the previous two chapters.

Chapter Thirteen is nowhere near paid for, but it has a small start. And Chapter Thirteen is nowhere near written, but it has a small start — I only finished writing Chapter Twelve on Tuesday afternoon, as I’d spent the weekend at Capclave and have been horrendously busy dealing with Vika’s Avenger, which is done, but I still need to send out a couple of hundred rewards. The first batch of finished books is sitting in a box, waiting to go to the post office.

I talked to John Betancourt, publisher of Wildside Press, at Capclave, and we settled on Relics of War as the eventual title, replacing Ishta’s Companion. I’m not going to change anything in mid-serial, though.

Let’s see, was there anything else? Nothing comes to mind. Hope you guys like the new chapter.

12 thoughts on “Ishta’s Companion: Progress Report Twelve

  1. Mizgars and Shatra wandering the woods, magicians and soldiers working themselves up for a fight… I know how I would predict this story to go with pretty much any other major fantasy author, but that’s not how Ethshar stories generally work.

    Curiouser and curiouser…

  2. Given that the story is set so close to the end of the great war, it’s only natural that things would turn to this direction when the authorities got involved… but I’m sure you’re right, we can’t predict anything at this point.

    I’m enjoying it very much, by the way!

  3. Haven’t we seen the Spell of Omniscient Vision before? I know Mereth of the Golden Door used it, but that may have been off-stage.

    It’s not new, in any case; it’s in my very oldest list of wizards’ spells.

  4. I think we saw it (or it was talked about) in Spell of the Black Dagger, when they were trying to recreate the anti-magic spell; I don’t remember if that was Mereth of not.

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