Ishta’s Companion: Progress Report Thirteen

Yeah, yeah, so this is late. There’s a reason I don’t schedule updates for Saturdays.

Chapter Thirteen was posted around lunchtime on Saturday. It’s there for your enjoyment.

I’m about halfway through writing Chapter Fourteen, but since it’s less than 20% paid for I’m not particularly worried.

I’m in the final phases of sending out Kickstarter rewards, so that’ll be out of the way soon, and I can then give Ishta’s Companion/Relics of War more attention.

Incidentally, in case anyone’s wondering, the Wildside edition of Ithanalin’s Restoration is making progress at last. Two different cover artists disappeared without warning, which delayed everything by months, but a third artist, Charles Bernard, has delivered some sketches, which I’d have gotten a look at tonight if the e-mail had arrived intact… sigh. So maybe it’ll finally see print soon.

And if the money comes in, I should have Chapter Fourteen ready by Wednesday.

9 thoughts on “Ishta’s Companion: Progress Report Thirteen

  1. If this is an inappropriate question feel free to ignore it, but how many hours did it take you to compose chapter thirteen? (With or without revision time, how ever you care to answer.)

    Question part 2, you have posted about writing in places like a train, it seems the rule I have read about writing in a quiet room alone doesn’t apply to you, true?

  2. I don’t keep track of the time involved. I’d guess the actual sitting-at-the-computer-typing time was maybe three to four hours, but I’d also put in plenty of time beforehand working out just what went into it.

    And I’ll put in more time revising it, of course, before it goes to press in book form.

    As for where I write, at least 90% of it is done in my office here, usually with loud music playing rather than quiet, but if I’m away from home I work wherever I can. A long train ride is actually a pretty good environment for writing — people don’t bother you, and there’s not a lot of other things that need doing. Airplanes are too cramped. Late-night hotel rooms are okay.

  3. I’m glad to hear you’re reprinting Ithanalin’s Restoration. It’s my favorite of the Legends of Ethshar. The picture of Kalisha riding the chair like a bucking bronco just tickles my funnybone.

  4. Finished Viki’s Avenger last night. It would seem to be well set up for a whole series of follow on books. Any plans for same?

  5. That was my original intention, but at this point I don’t really know whether I’ll write any sequels. Depends on how it sells and what else does or doesn’t.

    Oh, and maybe on my next Kickstarter – I’m thinking of one expensive reward level being, “I send you all my unfinished novels, and you pick which one I write next.”

  6. Umm, are we allowed to post here in regards to chapters beyond 13? Or would you prefer for us to wait until the next few chapters are posted first??

  7. Ok, so no spoilers regarding anything beyond chapter 13. Let me talk about my feelings. I was happily clicking through “a” chapter when I came across a moment that very much reminded me of this:

    From “The Princess Bride”, “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

    And so I eagerly clicked the “NEXT” button, TWICE! The button did of course operate as designed though nothing further was forthcoming as the author designed. Now that was one hell of a serial ending, sir!

    You work much too late at night if you are in my time zone (EDT).

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