Work in Progress: Graveyard Girl

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 5/7/13

Last actual wordage added: 5/7/13

Pages added 5/7/13: 0

Current page count: 186

Estimated final page count: 300-350

Deadline: None. Purely speculative. But my agent and my wife want it written.

Comments: Revised Chapter Two, which didn’t need much. Added a mere 65 words.

Still mulling over ending possibilities and other stuff.

51,583 words.

I’m a bit confused by this post, as it appears to be from May 7, 2013, but the original is actually dated May 31, 2013. And it bears a little explanation — I had thought Graveyard Girl (a YA novel about a girl with the hereditary ability to see how people will die) was finished at about 51,000 words, but my agent said it wasn’t, that it needed a different ending. So I started revising it, intending to expand it — but then I got distracted, lost interest, and never went back to it. This was the last progress report, made when I was revising.

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