Work in Progress: Yard Sale Mystic

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 8/4/14

Last actual wordage added: 8/4/14

Pages added 8/4/14: See below

Current page count: 4

Estimated final page count: No idea.

Deadline: None. Purely speculative.

Comments: This was originally meant to be a comic book, where I would script it and Kiri would draw it. I sent Kiri the first four script pages, and then nothing happened.

So in my current obsessive digging through unfinished projects, I dug it up, and decided to see whether I could rewrite it as prose.

I now have four pages of a prose version. This covers about a page and a half of the comic book version. And I gotta say, I think it works better as comics — but I don’t have an artist. Kiri keeps quite busy with her own projects. Sigh.

I’m really not sure what I’m going to do with it. If anything.

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