Work in Progress: One Hundred Suns

Progress Report:

Last time looked at: 8/4/14

Last actual wordage added: 6/23/08

Pages added, 6/23/08: 1

Current page count: 26. (Was 23, but I added headers.)

Estimated final page count: 350-400.

Deadline: None. Purely speculative. Not yet submitted anywhere in any form, let alone contracted.

Comments: I didn’t actually add anything new to this, as you’ll see from the entries above, but I did haul it out, look it over, put it in a modern format, etc.

I had originally intended to post the opening scene to my blog, along with the twenty-three others I’ve put there so far, but I realized that it’s out of date. I wrote that scene in… 1987, maybe? A long time ago, anyway. And some of the tech on my starship’s bridge is already becoming obsolete, so I’ll need to rewrite that scene.

For that matter, I had to do some research on just how wrong the tech was, and what would happen to more modern tech in the situation I described. So I did the research, which I think justifies a progress report even if I didn’t do any actual writing yet.

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