Ishta’s Companion: Lack of Progress Report

Chapter Fourteen has not been posted, as we aren’t even close to having it paid for. I’ve e-mailed it to contributors, and will continue to do that with new chapters as I finish them. I’ll post them as they’re paid for, but it appears that won’t be anywhere near weekly.

If anyone wants to talk about Chapter Fourteen, here’s a place to do so. Spoiler warnings might be nice, but really, I don’t have a great deal of sympathy for anyone who comes here and hasn’t kicked in a few bucks who then encounters spoilers.

4 Responses to “Ishta’s Companion: Lack of Progress Report”

  1. RobS Says:

    When I previously asked how much time it takes you to write a chapter you mentioned that you spend some amount of time working it out. When did you work out the end of this story? Before you wrote the first chapter, some chapters ago, not yet?

    (And I don’t mean precisely to a word, just generally.)

  2. Lawrence Watt-Evans Says:

    Years ago. Long before I wrote the first chapter.

  3. Charisma Says:

    Any progress on donations? I just got a job, & plan on sending some $ when I get my first paycheck!

  4. Lawrence Watt-Evans Says:

    There’s been a slow trickle, and in fact another $12 will get Chapter Fourteen posted. I’ve got the files ready to go.

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