Realms of Light: Progress Report Seven

Huh. I should have checked the post office box yesterday before saying I didn’t have $600 yet. (I did check it Monday.) Turns out I did have the full amount for today’s chapter; I just didn’t know it.

Things are looking up. Guess I should get serious about writing Chapter Seven.

Next chapter at: $900
Current total: $830

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  1. Robert Evans Says:

    Is there anything to the similarity between “Mis’ Hsing” and the word “Missing”, or is this just a coincidence of wording?

  2. Bo Lindbergh Says:

    The suggested link graphics on aren’t exactly cyberpunk. Maybe that’s the real problem? 😉

  3. Lawrence Says:

    It’s a coincidence. “Hsing” is the old Wade-Giles spelling of the Cantonese word for “star.”

    As for the graphics — hmm. Maybe I should make some new ones.

  4. Mycroft Says:

    Especially since my payment went ou the door her etoday (figure 3-5 days to your mailbox). Sure, it’s only another 25$, but a lot of people are a bit disorganized just before christmas.

    This time, if you need help with any knots, I’m here, just ask. Same goes for several other subjects. Like Information Technology (I’m a Database administrator for a fortune 10 company), I know something about weapons too, though they are many who know more. And I know some things about breathing gases, and air blending, being a certified diver. (You do know that all astronauts become divers first?)

  5. Lawrence Says:

    Actually, I didn’t know that, but it makes sense.

    Chapter Four is paid for and will be posted Wednesday; there’s a start on Chapter Five but it has a ways to go. And I’m almost finished writing Chapter Seven.

    As far as accuracy goes, I want to keep this consistent with Nightside City, which is riddled with dubious stuff — it’s definitely a 1980s book. That makes it tricky.

    It’s fun, though.

  6. John Dalbec Says:

    What I find somewhat off-putting about the posted chapters so far is the clash between the greenish-blue text color and the orange border color. I think maybe black text would be a better choice.

  7. Lawrence Says:

    Really? You must have your monitor set differently than mine.

    I may adjust that.

  8. Lawrence Says:

    Yeah, it’s supposed to be dark blue text and a red border; I think you need to turn down your green. But I’ll double-check the code.

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