Chapter Eleven has been posted

Chapter Eleven is up.

Chapter Twelve was about seven dollars short of being paid for when I sent out e-mail and posted notices elsewhere, but as I was writing this another donation came in, so it’s paid for and will be posted on November 29th.

Chapter Thirteen is written. Chapter Fourteen isn’t finished.

Latest word on The Spriggan Mirror is that it really is at the printer now, but there was another brief delay while Wildside tried to convince the chain bookstores to order more copies while there was still time to adjust the initial print-run. It may be out in time for Christmas, but I can’t guarantee anything at this point. I really hope it will be.

A happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the U.S. who’s reading this!

Chapter Ten has been posted

Chapter Ten is up.

Chapters Eleven and Twelve are written, but nowhere near paid for.

Chapter Eleven is written, and Chapter Twelve is almost done.

Actually, Chapter Ten only passed the $250 mark at about 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday — I hadn’t thought I’d be posting this tonight. Donations have definitely slowed.

Which is completely understandable, of course; most people who know about the project and are willing to chip in have done so by now. I expected to reach this point around now, give or take a few chapters.

So now what I hope readers will do is tell their friends — mention the project in blogs or newsgroups or MySpace pages, or anywhere else you think might help.

One thing I find interesting is that for The Spriggan Mirror, a few people made very large donations, some of them giving me hundreds of dollars. I hadn’t expected that, but it was part of how the whole thing got paid for.

This time, though, almost no one’s doing that. There’s only been one three-figure donation so far. Lots and lots of smaller donations.

I’m happy with that, really, as I felt a bit guilty sometimes accepting such generous gifts, but it does mean that more readers will be needed this time around.

So anything you can do to spread the word would be much appreciated.

And if you haven’t already read them, if you donated money last time around you should probably check out the comments on the previous post, about yet more delays and hassles with The Spriggan Mirror. Honestly, I’m doing the best I can; I turned around the final page proofs in a matter of hours, but Wildside is just slow.

I really, really hope this will be the last of these setbacks, and that the book will ship soon.

Thanks for your patience.

Update on The Spriggan Mirror

So I’d said The Spriggan Mirror should be out the second week of November, right? Which would be now?

Well, it isn’t. My apologies. It is, however, making progress — I finally have my last set of proofs to check over, and should have that done later today. It should still ship in time for Christmas, though just barely.

There’s another issue that’s come up, as well. I said it would include the short story “Sirinita’s Dragon,” but it turns out that would push the page count up into the next price bracket, which the publisher is very, very reluctant to do. So the current plan is to put that story online instead, and give the URL in the book.

I had told people who contributed $15 or more that they would get the short story, though, so I’ll also be printing a chapbook of it that will be included with the copies I send out to those donors. The chapbook will also be offered for sale through my website, details to be determined.

Thanks for your patience.

More on The Spriggan Mirror

Latest word from Wildside: The delay in publication of The Spriggan Mirror was because Wildside changed printers, and the new printer uses a different standard trim size so that it was necessary to reformat the book, causing some setbacks.

The latest word is that it’s scheduled to ship the second week of November.

When I have anything more definite I’ll post it here. My apologies for the delays.

Some updates on payment details

Chapters Six and Seven are paid for. Chapter Seven is almost written…

If you have money in a PayPal account and want to make a donation not using a credit card, you can now save me some fees by sending payment to rather than using the regular button, which goes to my business account. I’m adding a button for that to the “How It Works” page, but don’t want to clutter up the chapter pages.

The personal account can’t accept credit cards; all credit card payments must still go to the original address.

If there’s anyone out there who’d like to make a donation using BitPass or eGold, let me know. I believe I have a BitPass account I’ve never used, which I can find if it’s wanted, and am willing to open an eGold account if it’ll make it easier for someone to give me money.