The Unwanted Wardrobe The Unwanted Wardrobe
The Unwanted Wardrobe

The Unwanted Wardrobe is the twelfth novel [well, it would have been twelfth, if it was written back in 2011] in the Ethshar fantasy series. The series started out at Del Rey, moved to Tor, but is now being written (for the present) as on-line serials.

The serials work like this:

  • I post a chapter.
  • If readers like it, they send me money.
  • If I receive enough money, I post the next chapter.
  • Repeat until the novel is finished.

If the money comes in quickly enough, a new chapter will be posted every Friday.

What's "quickly enough"? Well, the first chapter is free. On previous novels I've required $250 for each additional chapter, but I'm afraid I've had to increase that to $500 for this serial. When I've received $500, I'll post the second chapter; another $500, for $1,000 in all, gets the third. And so on, to a maximum of one chapter per week.

You can read the posted chapters for free, of course, but if the money doesn't come in, new chapters don't get posted.

So why should you send money, instead of letting everyone else do it? Because it's the right thing to do. Isn't that reason enough? So I won't be sending copies of the finished book this time; you're paying entirely for this online version.

So that's the deal. I've done four previous serials; in all four, I did finish the novel eventually. I can't promise that this one will be completed, or how long it will take -- after all, I might get hit by a bus tomorrow. Sending me money is a donation, not a purchase or a subscription. So far, though, doing these serials has worked out, and enabled me to keep the Ethshar series going.

That's the set-up, and I hope you'll enjoy the novel and send me money. Below are a few common questions and answers, if you want more details, and I post progress reports on a blog called the Serial Box. Feel free to e-mail me with other questions.

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Do you have the whole novel written in advance?
No. I try to stay a few chapters ahead. I don't always manage it. Usually I have a complete working outline, but this time I've decided to wing it.

When you say "a chapter," what does that mean?
Whatever I want it to.

How long will The Unwanted Wardrobe be?
I don't know. I'm hoping a couple of hundred chapters -- this one's meant to pay for my retirement -- but that might be way off.

This doesn't look all that rough; what sort of changes do you make when you revise the first draft?
Here's a comparison from one of the previous serials.

Is there other stuff you aren't telling us?
Yes, lots; most people don't care about every fiddly little detail, and I don't want this webpage to be a dozen screens long. I'll be happy to answer questions in e-mail me, or in the comments on the Serial Box.

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