More on The Spriggan Mirror

Latest word from Wildside: The delay in publication of The Spriggan Mirror was because Wildside changed printers, and the new printer uses a different standard trim size so that it was necessary to reformat the book, causing some setbacks.

The latest word is that it’s scheduled to ship the second week of November.

When I have anything more definite I’ll post it here. My apologies for the delays.

Some updates on payment details

Chapters Six and Seven are paid for. Chapter Seven is almost written…

If you have money in a PayPal account and want to make a donation not using a credit card, you can now save me some fees by sending payment to rather than using the regular button, which goes to my business account. I’m adding a button for that to the “How It Works” page, but don’t want to clutter up the chapter pages.

The personal account can’t accept credit cards; all credit card payments must still go to the original address.

If there’s anyone out there who’d like to make a donation using BitPass or eGold, let me know. I believe I have a BitPass account I’ve never used, which I can find if it’s wanted, and am willing to open an eGold account if it’ll make it easier for someone to give me money.