One-Eyed Jack: Progress Report One

You know, after giving it some thought, I decided there just wasn’t any real point in serializing One-Eyed Jack. So I’ve published it.

The trade paperback edition is $14.98.

The Kindle edition is $5.99.

The NookBook (ePub) edition is also $5.99.

So far those are the only sources, but the trade paperback edition should be available from Amazon soon, and I believe it can be special ordered by traditional outlets — the ISBN is 9781466291539. (It’s possible it isn’t available to them yet, but, as with Amazon, it should be soon.)

I have not yet made the e-book available anywhere else, but if there’s interest I can put it on Smashwords, whence it will go to Apple, Sony, Kobo, and Diesel. If anyone has a problem with CreateSpace I’m perfectly willing to do a Lulu edition, but as yet I haven’t bothered.

I’m eager to see how this goes, and to see what readers think of the story. If it does well, I have two sequels, Suicide King and Queen of Hearts, plotted.

So check it out, and let me know what you think.