Realms of Light: Progress Report Twenty-Seven

Still not quite enough to post Chapter Thirteen — I’m $33 short.  (I told a couple of people in e-mail it was less than that; I was wrong, having misremembered the previous total.)

The first draft hasn’t been touched in weeks; I’ve been busy with other concerns.  FoxAcre is patiently waiting for me to deliver a final draft, which I hope to do some time this year.

Due to the novel coming out shorter than anticipated, any donor of $25 or more who doesn’t already have a copy of Nightside City and wants one can have one thrown in at no additional charge when the book does finally see print; I have a few of both the original Del Rey edition, and the current FoxAcre edition.  When we’re within shouting distance of publication I’ll be asking folks which they want.  The Del Rey copies are first come, first served, as there are only a few and no way to get more.

Haven’t gotten any farther on the chapbook idea, but I did turn up a letter from Dr. Simon discussing what I was planning to do with Prometheus in Realms of Light.  There’s some interesting stuff there that I may copy and distribute.

Still hoping to complete the web serial.  Tell your friends to check it out and send me money.

Thanks for your support, and happy new year!