As It Stands Now…

Here’s the situation:

Wildside is interested in doing a mass-market paperback edition of The Vondish Ambassador through their Cosmos Books imprint. However, they aren’t interested in doing a trade edition — the trade edition of The Spriggan Mirror didn’t make them any money.

I don’t expect anyone to accept a mere mass-market paperback as adequate compensation for a $25 donation.

Therefore, Wildside and I are creating a joint venture called The Misenchanted Press which will produce a trade paperback edition of The Vondish Ambassador. It’ll probably (but not definitely) be limited to no more than 500 copies, most of which will go to contributors; I do expect to have a few left over.

The Misenchanted Press edition is edited and typeset; right now we’re working on cover design and discussing whether or not to include an “Author’s Note” at the back. Once everything’s done it’ll be off to the printer, and I should have copies in hand in a couple of months.

The paperback, if all goes well, will be published by Cosmos Books in 2008 or early 2009, but as yet there are no contracts and it’s not definite. Lots of things could still go wrong.

Assuming this works out, though, and the paperback sells decently, I hope to follow this same model for any subsequent Ethshar novels.