Ishta’s Companion: Progress Report Nine

Chapter Nine is now posted. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that I still haven’t finished writing Chapter Ten, and it’s less than half paid for. Looks like this one may be running out of steam.

More bad news: I’m going to be traveling next week. I hope to post Chapter Ten anyway, if it’s done and paid for, and I’ll have a computer with me with all the necessary software for that, but I will not have my e-mail lists, and will probably not have access to this blog, so there won’t be the usual wave of announcements, and Progress Report Ten will almost certainly be delayed.

Also: I’ve been mulling over possible titles, because Ishta’s Companion is just not a grabber. My current favorite is A Relic of the War. Comments are welcome.

Ishta’s Companion: Progress Report Eight

The eighth chapter of Ishta’s Companion has escaped custody. It was last seen on the web.

Chapter Nine is paid for and written and should appear next week.

Chapter Ten is neither written nor paid for, but I’m about halfway through writing it.

I’m going to be traveling later this month and into October, and if Chapter Ten is written and paid for, I can’t guarantee it’ll be posted as fast as usual, and there probably won’t be the usual flood of announcements.

Ishta’s Companion: Progress Report Six

Chapter Six of Ishta’s Companion is up.

Chapter Seven is not quite paid for as of this writing — I have received $246.99 of the required $250.00. I expect it to be covered shortly, though one never knows.

I still have maybe four or five pages to go on writing Chapter Nine, but it’s further along than it was a week ago.

The money is not exactly pouring in on this one; maybe starting so soon after the Kickstarter was a mistake.

Well, we’ll see how it goes.

Added 9/4/13: Okay, Chapter Seven is paid for.