The Final Calling: Progress Report Thirteen

Chapter Twelve is now online.

I’m midway through writing Chapter Twenty.

The serial’s paid for through Chapter Nineteen.

Chapter Thirteen will be posted Wednesday, September 8.

Hey, I’m finally farther along in writing than I’ve been paid for!

Generally speaking, I think it’s going reasonably well. I’m into a section where my working outline is a bit skimpy, but I think I can manage.

The Final Calling: Progress Report Ten

Chapter Nine is online.

I’m paid through Chapter Sixteen, and a significant portion of Chapter Seventeen — I haven’t run the numbers today. I was away for a four-day weekend, and then we had guests, so I haven’t had time to do much.

I haven’t had time to write any more, either — I’m still just starting Chapter Sixteen.

This is going to be a busy week, so I may not get much writing done for the next few days either, but next week there shouldn’t be any distractions. Chapter Ten will be posted on Wednesday, August 18th.

Hope you like the story so far.

The Final Calling: Progress Report Nine

Chapter Eight is now on the web.

I’m paid up through Chapter Sixteen.

I’ve written to the beginning of Chapter Sixteen.

I’ll be away this weekend, at NASFiC in Raleigh, so I won’t be replying to comments or acknowledging donations, but I should be back online by Monday afternoon and will catch up in time to get Chapter Nine posted on Wednesday, August 11.

I think that’s it. Am I forgetting anything?

Realms of Light: Progress Report Thirty-Three

I told you it wasn’t dead — Chapter Fifteen of Realms of Light is finally online!

I maybe had to cheat a little — I’m actually still a couple of dollars short, but I decided it was close enough. Or if you count the advance from FoxAcre Press (which I don’t), then this chapter was paid for a couple of weeks ago.

The contracts with FoxAcre are signed, the token advance has been paid, cover art has been approved and the rights obtained. The editor has read the novel, and says there are a very few small changes wanted; I’m waiting for the file telling me what those are. None of them are potential deal-breakers, I’m assured, so everything’s on track. Due to unrelated family stuff taking up most of the publisher’s time right now, we don’t yet have a publication date, but it shouldn’t be too much longer.

Regarding the planned bonus chapbook, I lost the working file of Setting the Stage in a computer crash a few weeks ago, and will need to rewrite it from scratch; I do still have all the original materials, so it shouldn’t be difficult, but I haven’t yet found time to tackle it.

And I think that’s about everything; back to The Final Calling.