One-Eyed Jack: Progress Report One

You know, after giving it some thought, I decided there just wasn’t any real point in serializing One-Eyed Jack. So I’ve published it.

The trade paperback edition is $14.98.

The Kindle edition is $5.99.

The NookBook (ePub) edition is also $5.99.

So far those are the only sources, but the trade paperback edition should be available from Amazon soon, and I believe it can be special ordered by traditional outlets — the ISBN is 9781466291539. (It’s possible it isn’t available to them yet, but, as with Amazon, it should be soon.)

I have not yet made the e-book available anywhere else, but if there’s interest I can put it on Smashwords, whence it will go to Apple, Sony, Kobo, and Diesel. If anyone has a problem with CreateSpace I’m perfectly willing to do a Lulu edition, but as yet I haven’t bothered.

I’m eager to see how this goes, and to see what readers think of the story. If it does well, I have two sequels, Suicide King and Queen of Hearts, plotted.

So check it out, and let me know what you think.

One-Eyed Jack: Progress Report Zero

A couple of years back I was advised that traditional fantasy wasn’t selling as well as it used to, and the hot trend was urban fantasy. Well, I’ve always liked urban fantasy, so I decided to give it a shot. The result was a dark urban fantasy called One-Eyed Jack, first in what I intended as a series about a guy named Gregory Kraft who’s been cursed — literally — with psychic powers he can’t control and doesn’t really understand.

I finished it some time ago, and my agent’s been trying to find it a suitable home. A couple of publishers are interested, but frankly, I’m not thrilled with the terms they’re offering, and as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’ve wanted to experiment with self-publishing. So a couple of days ago I asked my agent to pull it off the market; I’ll be publishing it myself, under the Misenchanted Press imprint.

I’m still working out the details, though. For one thing, should I serialize it? I’m thinking I should, just as advertising. The whole thing’s written, so I don’t need encouragement to finish it, but I’ll be interested in reader reaction, and feedback from a serial may result in some tweaking and editing.

I will not be promising donors a copy of the finished paper edition, though. I’m not sure whether I’ll have a minimum amount required before I post a new chapter. I will let people donate money either because they feel like it, or to advance order the e-book edition, but it won’t take $25; I think $10 should cover it. (I won’t just send them the e-book immediately because (a) I won’t have the cover ready right away, and (b) there’s that tweaking and editing I mentioned.) The eventual list price for the e-book will be less than that, but your $10 means you’ll be one of the first to get it.

So right now I’m looking for feedback — serialize it, or don’t bother? If serialized, how often should new chapters be posted? Since it’s all written, there’s no need for weekly spacing; I could do two or three chapters a week. Heck, I could make it daily. There are twenty-seven chapters and an epilogue. Should I require a certain amount of money before posting a new chapter, or just assume that sales of the finished book will cover everything?

Should I, perhaps, not post the last few chapters, no matter what?

Talk to me, folks.