The Final Calling: Progress Report Seven

Chapter Six is now online.

Chapters One through Fourteen are paid for.

Chapters One through Twelve are written, and I’m working on Thirteen.

Chapter Seven will be posted on Wednesday, July 28.

For those who missed previous mentions, there’s now a fan-created Ethshar Wiki you might want to check out and contribute to. (I’ve made some corrections, but I’m not writing any of it.)

I don’t know how long this novel will be; it’s a safe bet it’ll be more than twenty chapters, but beyond that, I don’t have a very clear idea at all.

Realms of Light: Progress Report Thirty-Two

Alas, no new chapter yet, but I wanted to let readers know that the contracts with FoxAcre Press have been signed, and the token advance has been paid.

There’s no publication date yet, though; the publisher is in the midst of relocating because of his wife’s job, so everything’s at sixes and sevens. (I love strange old idioms like that.) It may, I regret to say, be awhile. Realms of Light is next in the editorial queue, but we don’t know when he’ll get to it. We do have cover art.

Further bad news: In a recent computer crash I lost the entire working file for the half-finished “Setting the Stage,” and no, I idiotically didn’t have back-ups. I’ll need to rewrite it from scratch. (I was able to recover the other two damaged files, but not that one.)

On the other hand, I wasn’t happy with how it was going, which was why it was only half-finished, and the delays at FoxAcre give me more time to get it right. I do still have the original letters.

As for the serial, I have $137 toward posting Chapter Fifteen, out of $250 needed. Inching forward very slowly…

The Final Calling: Progress Report Six

Chapter Five is now online.

Sorry this is late; I posted all the other notices last night and flat-out forgot this one, and when I got up this morning a storm had taken out the power. It wasn’t out for very long, but I’ve only just now managed to get my computer (her name is Chloe) back up and running.

Anyway, Chapter Five is up.

I’m partway through writing Chapter Eleven.

The serial is paid for through Chapter Thirteen. Chapter Six will be posted Wednesday, July 21st.

A further note on moderation: While you’re welcome to post links, including one in a comment puts that comment in the moderation queue rather than letting it post immediately. I’m willing to consider removing that requirement; if anyone has strong feelings either way on the subject, please let me know.

And here we are.

The Final Calling: Progress Report Five

Chapter Four is now online.

I’m in the middle of writing Chapter Nine, and everything’s paid for through Chapter Eleven. (Thank you for your support!)

In case anyone was hesitant about commenting — please, feel free! I’m happy to hear from you. Be warned, though, that if you haven’t commented here before, I’ll have to approve your post; I get a lot of comment spam. It may take a few hours for me to notice and attend to it.

Once you’ve had a comment approved, though, any future comments from you will go straight through, unmoderated, though of course I can delete them later if I decide they’re somehow unacceptable. (I don’t think I’ve ever had to delete a comment.)

An unhappy note: I’ve recently discovered that overseas shipping rates have gone up, and may go up again before this novel is completed. It’s possible I’ll have to raise the $35 amount presently required to guarantee a copy of the finished book outside North America. If that happens, anyone who’s already sent $35 will still be covered; it will only affect later donors. I’ll try to give a week’s warning.

I think that’s everything for now.