Realms of Light: Progress Report Eleven-A

Okay, I’m a bit more awake and less harried.

The belated Chapter Six has indeed been posted, almost a month late. My apologies. I managed to keep up through Christmas, but then things got really busy with family business, travel, and getting our house ready to go on the market.

We had six rooms repainted, four rooms and a hallway recarpeted, the cabinets refinished, and new countertops and light fixtures installed. That made it difficult to get much done here, especially when some items were delayed and we couldn’t cook for several days.

And then I had to sort through my comic book collection, more than 14,000 of the little devils, because we don’t want them here when prospective buyers tour the house, and we don’t plan to take most of them with us when we move. I thought I had six to eight thousand, so the sorting, cataloging, and packing was a much bigger job than I’d expected. It’s done now, though, so I can get back to writing, which is, after all, at least theoretically, what I do for a living.

Meanwhile, I still don’t actually have $1,500 in hand. I have $1,487. Which is close enough that I posted the new chapter anyway; I feared that if I waited any longer the whole project would be given up for dead.

It’s not dead. Not even pining for the fjords. It’s just running a little slow. And not bringing in the great waves of cash I’d like.

In view of that, and the state of the economy, and that my plans to coordinate this with other serials seem to have gone completely by the boards, I think it’s time to reconsider my pricing. I am hereby lowering the price from $300 per chapter to $250 per chapter — which means I’m $13 short of posting Chapter Seven, and if that $13 comes in, Chapter Seven will be posted on Wednesday, February 4th.

(I know Chapter Six was posted on a Friday. I don’t care. It should have been Wednesday. Maybe if I hadn’t been so busy with the comics…)

I am, by the way, still in the middle of writing Chapter Nine.

So there we are. My apologies for the delay, and I hope we can get back on track.