Realms of Light: Progress Report Twenty

Chapter Twelve is written, and I’ve sent it (and a slightly-revised Chapter Eleven) to donors. I’m a page or two into writing Chapter Thirteen.

I’m getting close to the money required to post Chapter Ten; I should double-check those numbers and see just what’s still needed. Might be as little as twenty bucks. Unfortunately, PayPal made some software changes that have made it harder to check; I had it set up to be pretty much automatic, and now it isn’t. I should see if I can jigger it to work with the updated version.

I know this is going really slowly, and I apologize for that. I really do intend to finish writing it, whether any more money comes in or not; making it available to non-donors, on the other hand, does depend on getting paid.

For those of you awaiting another Ethshar serial, or hoping for some other serial entirely, that’ll have to wait until I’m finished writing (not posting) Realms of Light, but I do expect it to happen eventually, despite the current project’s lack of immediate success.