News & Updates

First, no, I haven’t written the final draft of The Vondish Ambassador yet. Haven’t even started it. We were traveling out west for a week and a half, and I’ve been working on The Summer Palace, third and final volume in the Annals of the Chosen, which is very late.

But I will get to it soon.

Wildside will get The Vondish Ambassador out in a print-on-demand trade paperback edition as soon as possible once it’s finished, and the regular offset edition will appear several months thereafter. Yes, a mass-market paperback edition is planned for somewhere a year or two down the road.

You can still claim a copy of the first edition by donating $25, but this offer expires April 10th.

Meanwhile, Wildside has also decided to publish a limited-edition hardcover of The Spriggan Mirror. This will be a 500-copy edition, $35 a pop, not signed or numbered. It wasn’t my idea; it was a whim on publisher John Betancourt’s part, as enough people had asked about one that he thought it would be worth doing.

I believe a mass-market paperback of The Spriggan Mirror ought to be out some time in 2008.

The next serial is still undetermined — don’t know what it’ll be, or when.

Anything else anyone wants to know?