Well, that took awhile.

I hadn’t realized how long I’d neglected this until I was notified of a comment needing moderation and discovered that I didn’t even have the password for this blog on my current computer. Sorry about that. (The comment was spam, by the way.)

Let’s see, what needs to be mentioned?

Well, you can always check my Works in Progress for where current projects stand — I generally don’t let that get more than a month or two out of date. Right now I’m sort of between major projects.

Charming Sharra, the next Ethshar story, is complete and sold to Wildside, but the intended cover artist has had health issues, so it’ll probably be Vincent di Fate doing the cover art, and it may be delayed — Wildside originally intended to have it out this fall, but we’ll see. I have plans for the next few Ethshar stories, but the only one that’s really getting written right now is a short story called “The Harvest.”

Tom Derringer & the Electrical Empire (fourth in the series) is complete except for the double frontispiece, which I thought I’d have by August. This is what happens when the artist gets a full-time job, buys a house that needed some work, and has car problems.

The audiobook of The Wizard Lord is now available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. The audio versions of the other two volumes in the Annals of the Chosen are under contract and should be out some time in 2023.

We’ve settled into our life here in the Pacific Northwest.

And that’s about it, for now.

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