Realms of Light: Progress Report Sixteen

I’ve just sent Chapter Ten out to donors who signed up to receive chapters as soon as they’re ready.

I’ve only just started Chapter Eleven, so it’ll be awhile yet before that one’s ready. Incidentally, I’m now estimating the novel will run twenty-four chapters, but that could turn out to be way off.

I know it’s going absurdly slowly, but I’ve just been too busy with other things to focus on it — not so much other writing (though I’m midway through the third and final draft of Above His Proper Station) as dealing with real estate. Getting our house ready to show was a huge job, and keeping it ready can also be a challenge sometimes. And then there’s all that time we’ve spent looking at houses we might buy when this one sells.

And frankly, it’s not as if there’s huge demand for this story. I’m very grateful to those who have contributed, but your numbers are few. It makes it hard to build up much enthusiasm or momentum.

Still, I’ll get it done eventually.

For now: Chapter Nine will be posted to the web when the receipts total $2,000.00. The current total is $1,837.00. Chapter Ten is written.