Ishta’s Companion: Progress Report Five

I’m pleased to report that Chapter Five is now online.

Chapter Six is paid for; Chapter Seven still isn’t. And I still haven’t finished Chapter Nine, but I’ve got three other time-consuming projects squared away (at least for the moment) so I’m optimistic about getting back to it soon.

And this chapter reveals a few things that some of you had already guessed.

Ishta’s Companion: Progress Report Four

Chapter Four is now posted. Chapters Five and Six are paid for; Chapter Seven is almost halfway covered.

I haven’t written any more this week, so I’m still midway through Chapter Nine. I’ve been too busy with family stuff, medical stuff, and trying to get Vika’s Avenger finished up and out of the way.

And I can’t think of anything else to say. Oh, yeah — if you donated, you should be receiving e-mail notices about each new chapter. If you aren’t, please let me know!


Ishta’s Companion: Progress Report Two

I am pleased to report that Chapter Two has been posted. Read! Enjoy!

If you’ve made a donation, you should have received an e-mail informing you that Chapter Two has been posted. If you did not receive such an e-mail, please let me know ASAP — it means your name did not make it onto my maillist. (Either that, or your ISP thinks my e-mail is spam.)

Anyway. Obviously, Chapter Two is paid for, or I wouldn’t have posted it. Chapters Three and Four are also paid for. Chapter Five is very close.

I’m still in the middle of writing Chapter Nine; I’ve been busy with other stuff, such as sending out the last copies of The Sorcerer’s Widow.

A league is three miles, in case anyone didn’t know.

Thanks for your support!