At last!

I believe that every book I owed any donor is now on its way, though how I’m defining that gets a bit tricky.

There are seven sitting in a box in the dining room waiting to be taken to the post office. There’s one on my desk waiting for an e-mail confirming how the donor wanted it personalized.

All the others have been mailed.

Most packages included The Vondish Ambassador, a chapbook of “The God in Red,” and an insert map of the Empire of Vond. I signed or personalized The Vondish Ambassador as requested.

However, I know that in at least one case I sent a signed book to someone who hadn’t wanted it signed, and sent an unsigned copy to someone who had requested a signature. I’m fairly sure that I forgot at least one map. It’s possible I also messed up in other ways. My apologies, but packing and mailing hundreds of books is one heck of a job. I got most of them right.

There were also a few people who I could never get a response from, so those books may have gone to incorrect addresses. I tried, honest.

If you did not receive the map (it should be just inside the front cover), let me know, and we’ll see what we can do about it.

Two people who are entitled to a copy of the book declined — one prefers an e-book and the other is waiting for a mass-market edition.

If your copy of the book hasn’t arrived yet at all — especially if you’re outside the U.S. — give it a few days, but if it hasn’t shown up by Candlemas, drop me a line.

As of right now, there’s still nothing definite about a mass-market edition.

Several people have asked me when I’ll be starting the next serial, and what it’s going to be, so let me once again say, “I don’t know.” It depends on when I get other projects done, what sort of offer Tor makes (if any) for the Fall of the Sorcerers, and various other factors, some of them beyond my control.

My best guess is that I’ll start a third serial late this year — maybe as a Christmas present for my readers. Whether it’s Ethshar or science fiction — well, we’ll see.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!

14 thoughts on “Done!

  1. Well, here is hoping that my copy is either still in the mail or one of the ones waiting to be mailed. Considering how I worded my signing request, it was probably one of the last ones out anyway.

    My vote is definitaly an Ethshar novel, one way or the other.

  2. My copy arrived and I’ve already read it… twice! I’m just waiting for the next serial to be posted. Its the best $25 I’ve spent on myself *and my favorite author in a long time. Keep up the great work and let me know when I can send my next installment.

  3. Mine arrived in the post this morning. Woohoo!!

    Will read it as soon as I finish the current book I’m reading (I’ve never been able to read two different books at the same time or I’d be reading it right now!!)

  4. Recording safe arrival of the book, with map and chapbook. Of course, when you changed the knot, you went from a wrong knot, not to one of the ones I gave you, but to another wrong knot.

  5. You can always change it for the Mass Market Edition. That would make the special edition all the more special. Remember, Two Half Hitches, or a Round and Two Half Hitches are the two knots properly used to moor ships.

    A Clove Hitch is used to start a lashing.

  6. So… how much do we have to donate to be able to view a list of the wonderful Ethshar series (novels and short stories) according to their internal chronology?

    I have been meaning to ask that question since you started the serialisation of the novels.


  7. I’ve posted such a list — maybe not a complete list — in one place or another a couple of times, but I don’t have it handy right now. I’ll see about whipping one up and posting it (or a pointer) here in the next couple of days.

  8. Lawrence,

    Just finished the Vondish Ambassador and loved it was wondering if other than waiting for an official publishing that I could get my hands on a copy also cannot wait for the final Chosen book to come out.

  9. Sure, the extra copies of the limited edition are for sale on my “Books for Sale” page. Not cheap, I’m afraid, but it’s available.

    As for the last of the Annals of the Chosen, The Summer Palace will be out in June. Sorry it won’t be sooner.

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