Work in Progress: Beyond the Gate

Originally posted to SFF Net July 19, 2013:

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 7/18/13

Last actual wordage added: 7/18/13

Pages added 7/18/13: 3

Current page count: 6

Estimated final page count: About 300-400

Deadline: None. Purely speculative. Started it on a whim.

Comments: So this is something I started on a whim last week which now meets my minimum standard for being a work in progress. I am embarrassed to admit that the idea for it came to me while watching “Sharknado,” and was so compelling I started writing it on the netbook I keep by the living room couch.

The basic premise is that Eric’s mother is an eccentric physicist who has accidentally opened a portal into another universe, and Eric has to go and rescue her from the natives of that world. (Eric’s an only child; his father is on assignment overseas somewhere.)

I wrote the first page during “Sharknado,” two more pages somewhere in the intervening time, and then three pages tonight; the fact that I had more than two pages and the file had been open for a week makes this an official work in progress.

It’s first-person YA. Eric’s fifteen.

Word-count: 1,366

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