Work in Progress: Queen of the Night

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 7/8/14

Last actual wordage added: 7/8/14

Pages added, 7/8/14: 1

Current page count: 18

Estimated final page count: Damned if I know. 50? 100? 200?

Deadline: None.

Comments: Yes, I’m working on this again after almost a six-year hiatus. (I had no idea it had been that long!) I’m not sure whether the discrepancy in page-count is the result of a format change (I’m not working on the same computer I had in ’08, or with the same software), or whether I added a couple of pages somewhere in there and didn’t record it, or what.

Ali has just involuntarily demonstrated the truth of her story. Dan had convinced himself it couldn’t be true, but at least he’d heard it; Sue is caught completely off-guard.

Word count: 4,695

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