Work in Progress: Queen of the Night

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 7/8/14

Last actual wordage added: 7/8/14

Pages added, 7/8/14: 1

Current page count: 18

Estimated final page count: Damned if I know. 50? 100? 200?

Deadline: None.

Comments: Yes, I’m working on this again after almost a six-year hiatus. (I had no idea it had been that long!) I’m not sure whether the discrepancy in page-count is the result of a format change (I’m not working on the same computer I had in ’08, or with the same software), or whether I added a couple of pages somewhere in there and didn’t record it, or what.

Ali has just involuntarily demonstrated the truth of her story. Dan had convinced himself it couldn’t be true, but at least he’d heard it; Sue is caught completely off-guard.

Word count: 4,695

Work in Progress: On A Field Sable

Originally posted July 7, 2014:

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 7/7/14

Last significant wordage added: 7/7/14

Pages added 7/7/14: 3

Current page count: 235, not counting notes, outline, cut material, etc.

Estimated final page count: Probably over 400.

Deadline: None. Purely speculative.

Comments: I went back and did some revising, which involved throwing out part of what I wrote last week — not much, just a couple of short paragraphs.

I’ve moved forward about a day and a half so far in this chapter. Mareet is now playing the social butterfly.

Word-count: 63,325 (does not include notes, unrevised outtakes, etc.)

Work in Progress: Beyond the Gate

Originally posted to SFF Net July 19, 2013:

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 7/18/13

Last actual wordage added: 7/18/13

Pages added 7/18/13: 3

Current page count: 6

Estimated final page count: About 300-400

Deadline: None. Purely speculative. Started it on a whim.

Comments: So this is something I started on a whim last week which now meets my minimum standard for being a work in progress. I am embarrassed to admit that the idea for it came to me while watching “Sharknado,” and was so compelling I started writing it on the netbook I keep by the living room couch.

The basic premise is that Eric’s mother is an eccentric physicist who has accidentally opened a portal into another universe, and Eric has to go and rescue her from the natives of that world. (Eric’s an only child; his father is on assignment overseas somewhere.)

I wrote the first page during “Sharknado,” two more pages somewhere in the intervening time, and then three pages tonight; the fact that I had more than two pages and the file had been open for a week makes this an official work in progress.

It’s first-person YA. Eric’s fifteen.

Word-count: 1,366

Work in Progress: Graveyard Girl

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 5/7/13

Last actual wordage added: 5/7/13

Pages added 5/7/13: 0

Current page count: 186

Estimated final page count: 300-350

Deadline: None. Purely speculative. But my agent and my wife want it written.

Comments: Revised Chapter Two, which didn’t need much. Added a mere 65 words.

Still mulling over ending possibilities and other stuff.

51,583 words.

I’m a bit confused by this post, as it appears to be from May 7, 2013, but the original is actually dated May 31, 2013. And it bears a little explanation — I had thought Graveyard Girl (a YA novel about a girl with the hereditary ability to see how people will die) was finished at about 51,000 words, but my agent said it wasn’t, that it needed a different ending. So I started revising it, intending to expand it — but then I got distracted, lost interest, and never went back to it. This was the last progress report, made when I was revising.

Work in Progress: Mirrors and Shadows

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 2/11/13

Last actual wordage added: 2/11/13

Pages added 2/11/13: 1

Current page count: 18

Estimated final page count: Maybe about 300?

Deadline: None. Purely speculative.

Comments: I looked at my various works in progress and decided this was the one I wanted to tackle next, so I wrote a page. Alicia is experimenting with the images, trying to decide whether they’re hallucinations or not.

Work in Progress: Charming Sharra

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 7/30/17

Last actual wordage added: 7/30/17

Pages added, 7/30/17: 6

Current page count: 29

Estimated final page count: 300? I don’t really have any idea.

Deadline: None. Purely speculative.

Comments: I seem to have skipped a progress report or two; sorry about that.

Finished Chapter Three, started Chapter Four. Sharra has just settled on what she wants to hire Poldrian to do.

Word-count is 7,016.

Work in Progress: The Wizard’s Path

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 10/18/12

Last actual wordage added: 10/18/12

Pages added 10/18/12: 1

Current page count: 4

Estimated final page count: Probably about 200 – 250.

Deadline: None. Purely speculative.

Comments: It was on my page-count list, which reminded me that it exists, and that I had two conflicting versions, so I went and looked at both of them and decided which one to keep and which to discard.

They weren’t very different, and one was clearly a later, revised version, so I kept that one, but the big difference was that in the revised one I had reversed the protagonist’s sex. I forget who suggested that, but it’s probably a good idea — though it does mean I’m writing an awful lot of stuff with female leads, and too many of them have vaguely similar names (Emily, Amelia, Alicia).

Anyway, Dellen has taken Uncle Zavar home with her, where her kid brother (invented today) is serving the essential storytelling role of asking his sister questions that let me do some infodumps for readers.

And finding this thread, I stumbled across the thread for The Partial Observer, which wasn’t on the page-counts list. Hmm.

Work in Progress: The Sacrifice

Originally posted to my newsgroup on SFF Net, June 23, 2012:

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 6/22/12

Last actual wordage added: 6/22/12

Pages added, 6/22/12: 9

Current page count: 10

Estimated final page count, first draft: 10-15

Deadline: None.

Comments: I think I mentioned coming up with a story idea a couple of weeks ago — well, May 20, apparently, looking at the date on the file. Anyway, I had an outline, but hadn’t actually written any of it.

Tonight I wrote most of it. Almost all of it, actually, but the ending’s not there yet.

This is the short story version of the original idea; there are multiple variants and spin-offs plotted, as well, but I don’t know whether I’ll write any of them.

Anne’s finished her story, but Kimma isn’t satisfied with the ending, and it still needs a wrap-up on the meta-level, as well.

Word-count is 2,640

I never did come up with a really satisfactory ending, so this never went any further and is still sitting on my hard drive unfinished. Maybe someday.

Status Report

Okay, every piece of short fiction I had out to market has now sold. “Sorcery of the Heart,” to Lace and Blade 4, was the last.

Tom Derringer in the Tunnels of Terror is complete and ready to go except for a second illustration. I want it to have a pair of frontispieces, same as Tom Derringer and the Aluminum Airship. One is in hand and looks good, but the other is running slightly late. I talked to the artist (my daughter Kiri) on Sunday and said I could get by with one if she didn’t want to bother with a second, but she says she’s got it half finished and does want to get it done for me. As soon as I get that, I’ll get the book into print ASAP. Meanwhile, I made a non-illustrated “advance reading copy” ebook available to my supporters on my Patreon page.

Stone Unturned is in the queue at Wildside, but they do all their accounting in June and January so they won’t be working on it until July.

With all those out of the way I have finally hauled Charming Sharra and Tom Derringer and the Steam-Powered Saurians back to active status and have added a page to each in the past fortnight — not enough to rate individual progress reports, but enough to prompt this post.

I’m doing a lot of traveling this summer, some of it cropping up unexpectedly. We already visited Tennessee and New England this spring, but I still have trips to Hanoi, Athens, Pittsburgh, and Hawaii coming up — I leave for Hanoi first thing Friday morning. (They’re all for business except Hawaii, which is our long-planned celebration of our fortieth wedding anniversary.) This will cut into my writing time, and my posting here, too, but I’ll try to get at least some done.

Work in Progress: “Fearless”

From a newsgroup post dated July 4, 2009:

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 7/3/09

Last actual wordage added: 7/3/09

Pages added 7/3/09: 1

Current page count: 4

Estimated final page count: No idea, really. 30, maybe?

Deadline: August 1

Comments: Linzi is trying to account for Prince Sharal’s presence.


Update, June 17, 2017: I didn’t make that August 1 deadline. I never got any further than page 4. Life got in the way.

But I did pull this out and look at it a few months ago, with the idea I might submit it to a then-open anthology, and realized I’d forgotten part of the plot. Which isn’t a big deal, really; I can just make up a new one. But it means the “Last time looked at” above is wrong.

One more thing — I’m pretty sure that if I do ever write it, there’s no way it’ll only be thirty pages.