How Much is Enough?

Okay, we’re at $429.00, so Chapter 2 is paid up, and Chapter 3 is almost there, but I have a procedural question:  How often should I post these updates?

Right now we’re in a sort of shakedown period — lots of enthusiasm over the launch and all that — but I expect things to slow down a lot as the novelty wears off.

So would daily updates be appropriate?  Weekly?  Mon-Wed-Fri?

(Of course, sometimes I’m away from my computer for a few days, so there’ll be an occasional hiatus in any case.  One reason new chapters go up on Wednesdays this time is that that’s the day of the week I’m most likely to be home.)

10 thoughts on “How Much is Enough?

  1. I thought it was $250/chapter?

    As far as blogs go, I don’t think there’s such a thing as too many udpates. But if writing blog entries starts to interfere with your “real” writing, then I’d say it’s time to cut back.

  2. I think daily would be cool, but once you pass 4 or 5 chapters, you should move it to weekly. If you keep posting daily, you could unintentionally slow things down. If people see that 20 chapters are paid for and you are only on Chapter 8, they may wait before sending their dough.

    My two cents.

  3. Technically, if we’re not in endanger of NOT making the next chapter’s goal, I’d post. Do we really need to know how much you are making off this? I don’t think so. You deserve privacy.

    But, if you feel it helps to make the readers more a part of the process, then as often as necessary. Though, I would think the updates you post in the Discussions and Discursions with pages added, would do if you added a line for number of chapters paid for, or the dollar amount.

  4. It is $250 per chapter. $429 received (it’s actually more now) pays for all of Chapter 2 and $179 toward Chapter 3.

    Or all of Chapter 1 and $179 toward Chapter 2, if you prefer to look at it that way.

    Chapter 2 will be posted on Wednesday.

    Having had a few hours to think about it, what I’m now leaning toward is not doing constant updates, but on Wednesdays, if there isn’t enough to pay for a new chapter, I’ll post where things stand, so people know how much more is needed.

    But this isn’t definite. I’m still thinking it all through.

  5. Too often, as has been pointed out, would be as bad as not often enough.

    No less than weekly, and when there is something else to say, (e.g. “Some kindly mad[wo]man has paid for the next 10 Chapters! Woot!!!”) would be my suggestion.

  6. You should post on the Monday if there isn’t enough. That allows people to chip in before the Wednesday. so the posting of the chapters isn’t slowed down.

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