The Tally So Far…

As of now, I’ve received donations totalling $191.00.

No new chapters are fully paid for, but it’s a pretty good start, given that I only just now finished sending out the e-mails to supporters of The Spriggan Mirror, and haven’t yet made any other announcements or posted any links.

Thank you all!

5 thoughts on “The Tally So Far…

  1. Saw the post on rawsf, chipped in $30. Really enjoyed it the last time around. Will the donator books be autographed?

  2. Holly Moses! A new Ethshar serial started AND a new blog to read. An embarrassement in riches.

    I’ll try to mail my first donation this weekend.

    Good luck and thanks.

  3. The Spriggan Mirror is scheduled to ship from the printer today, actually, but I don’t know whether it actually will.

    Once they’re available and I’ve gotten them, I’ll be mailing out the contributor copies as quickly as I can, but it’ll probably take a couple of weeks to get to them all.

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