Damned Spammers

Okay, I give up.  I had hoped to avoid blacklisting the words “Prozac” and “pharmacy,” since they might come up in actual conversation, but I can’t.  If you want to mention any pharmaceuticals in comments, you’ll have to find alternate phrasings.

The list of forbidden words is getting pretty long.  Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Damned Spammers

  1. I just can’t imagine that pharmacological substances are likely to appear legitimately in comments on The Vondish Ambassador. The story would have to take a fairly interesting and extremely unexpected term for the posters here to need to use commercial medicine names.

    I’m pretty sure I recall mention of herbalists, but has the pharmacology in Ethshar progressed beyond that point? Possibly among the Scientists?

  2. While there’s much truth in what you say, conversations can drift, or metastasize. I can imagine someone saying, “That Kelder of Nowhere is so gloomy, he could really use some P–z-c!” or telling an anecdote about a visit to a drug store that was brought to mind by some scene in Ethshar.

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