Chapter Eighteen has been posted

Chapter Eighteen is up.

Chapter Nineteen is about one-third paid for; I don’t think I’ve written a third of it yet, though. Again, I have a week.

In other news, I have now sent out all the copies of The Spriggan Mirror I’d promised, except for two where I can’t locate the intended recipients, and a few where I’m waiting for more money to arrive, either because the donor paid in less than $15 initially, or the donor is overseas and I’ve asked for another few bucks to cover shipping.

There are maybe three extra copies. Maybe. I won’t be offering any more for sale until I’m sure I won’t need these. You should be able to get copies from Amazon, though.

15 thoughts on “Chapter Eighteen has been posted

  1. Great chapter. I like Vengar’s solution to the problem. Not sure the esteemed ambassador will like it. LOL

  2. This story just keeps getting better and better. I suspect that Vengar is destinied for greater things as result of his current employment.

  3. I’m not sure that Meredith is necessarily correct that the plan will work.

    It all depends on whether the creature’s nature considers a petrified person dead or not. I can see it going either way. If the Wizardly origins of the creature provide it an affinity to Wizardry that allows it to understand that Lar is just stone, not dead, it may stick around. Of course it’s equally possible in that instance, that the petrifaction could be seen as “sleeping” and then wringing Lar’s neck might not hurt him.

    Alternately, if Wizardry just summoned the creature, not created it, then it may be fooled. I look forward to seeing how it works out.

  4. I agree that being turned to stone might be concidered “sleeping” and the creature will try to wring the stone neck. Course it would be an interesting twist/quandery if in the process it decapitated the statue.

  5. It’s been established that warlockry can put broken and even shattered things back together, and at least hinted that wizardry can undo a petrifaction after a statue has been broken and put together again.

    The tricky bit will be convincing Lar that the petrifaction is safe without giving away the game to the listening Assassin.

  6. You’re assuming the Assassin would care. It’s required to make an attempt to kill Lar, but it has no particular interest in whether it succeeds or not.

  7. I think it will fool the assassin creature, since Lar’s “life” will cease to be detectable. He will be stone. How else will the creature see him? There will be no life in the stone. Lar is dead. Creature vanishes. Restore Lar.

  8. They could send for more Honey and ASK the creature how it will respond, Lawrence points out that the creature doesn’t care if it succeeds, and its willingness to tell them its exact orders makes it rather plain to anyone paying attention that the creature doesn’t actually care about success nearly as much as it cares about getting honey.

  9. Yeah, with the honey angle, you could always verify the creature’s presence, perform the petrification, and then check for his presence again.

    All in all, wizardry is so much fun because of it’s power and it’s simplicity.

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