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  1. Good stuff here. One minor infelicity, perhaps:

    ….as neither stood remotely straight.

    “remotely” doesn’t seem to work quite right here. Maybe “neither stood at all straight” or “neither was standing at all straight”? Or something else.

    Ithinia’s choice of travelling companions is interesting — it’s obvious why she didn’t invite any warlocks, but why a priest, a demonologist, and some other wizards but no sorceror, witch, etc.? That makes me think her ultimatum is going to have more to do with the relations between humans, gods and demons than with relations between the different schools of magic.

  2. Unless she didn’t want to take a sorcerer anywhere near such a major sorcerous artifacts.

    I also cannot remember if it’s been mentioned if she was around during the war or not. If so, she’s liable to distrust sorcerers on principle, even after all these years.

  3. I’m wondering when the original wizard, I believe his name was Fendel, is going to show up in another story. They’ve mentioned him in a few. and also I haven’t seen a Valder reference in this story yet. As far as I know there is at least one in every Ethshar story, but I could be wrong.

  4. I haven’t made a deliberate point of including a mention of Valder every time, so I’m not sure whether he’s mentioned in every previous novel. I know he’s not in most of the short stories.

    He’s not mentioned in the first draft of The Vondish Ambassador, but he might make it into the final, I don’t know yet.

    As for Fendel, I don’t know whether he’ll ever appear again. He might.

    Another $67 is needed before I post Chapter Twenty-Six, by the way.

  5. Well, now we know that the condition of the world that Vond encountered isn’t just a localized effect. Makes me wonder if any life has arisen out in the gaseous plane.

    Also, I’m now wondering if demons can sense sorcery? Demonology and theurgy are skills of dealing directly with the entities, it now appears that sorcery and wizardry are skills of dealing directly with the roots of their powers, and that warlockery is a skill of dealing with an outside power.

    Thanks for provoking some interesting thoughts.

  6. Gods and demons have no problem with sorcery. Neither gods nor demons draw on chaos in any way, shape, or form; only wizards use chaos.

  7. I just caught up with chapters 11-25 last night (which is when I gave Lawrence 2.95), and I have to say…

    I’m not sure if it makes Fendel’s Assassin LESS creepy, or MORE, if you imagine it as having the voice of Cookie Monster.

  8. I’ll never be able to read that section again, without it’s voice sounding like the cookie monster now you’ve said that . . . hehehe

    I noticed on another part of the blog that Lawance is offering the free copy of the book to non-US contributes now. Yipee!!! did panic a bit as I was unsure if I could get enough money together, before he got all the donations in.

    Luckily I remembered I’d been saving the cash to cover buying it later, and forwarded it on to Lawrance this morning, so look forward to next chapter being up soon.

    Loved end of latest chapter, she sounded most impressive, and probably panic’d everyone that heard her.

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