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  1. Noooo!!

    It sends just when we’re going to find out Everything!

    Well, almost everything.

    Ok, ok, Something.

    Maybe. 😉

  2. I must say, I’m a little surprised that the whole ‘reluctance to be in charge’ thing is still holding up. (Though I suppose we have only Lar’s opinion on that.)

    Power tends to be very intoxicating, even for people who didn’t seek it out. What’s the old saying? “Many good men have gone into office. None have come out.” You get people calling you, “my lord” and snapping to it when you give orders, and it goes to your head.

  3. Well, the empire is still very young, so I wouldn’t expect that the corruption of power would enter into the picture quite yet. Give it fifty years and I’m sure that you’ll be seeing genuine power struggles between the Council and the Regent (whoever that might be).

  4. It also comes down to how they pick new Regents and Council Members. Even if you start with a selfless council, each position will be filled by someone who on balance wants power more than the previous council.

    Also, although they have no method to transition power, presumably, the Council can pick a new Regent while the Regent can appoint new Council members as needed. This would probably sustain reasonable continuity of policy on the Council as the Council will appoint a Regent who is like them and the Regent will appoint Council members who are like him and/or are approved/recommended by the Council.

    Also, presumably, the Regency is a life position, unless by resignation (or Vond returns 🙂 ). This means that it would be literally generations until policy drift starts to be significant. (or some assasinations)

    Since they have no formal power split, as you say there could be problems if there is a disagreement on a ‘serious’ issue.

    Also, how do you tell the difference between someone who just says they don’t want power and someone who actually doesn’t want power (and incidentally is willing and capable of running things).

    Actually, perhaps they could ask a God “Who is the resident of the Empire who doesn’t want to be Regent, but would be willing to serve if asked and is most capable in a leadership role?” or something to that effect.

    If that doesn’t work, you can only be Regent or a member of the council if you answer No and then Yes to following questions

    – Do you want to be Regent?
    – Will you act to the best of your ability if we make you Regent?

    while being checked for truthfulness by an appropriate mage and are nominated by the Council. Would that count as mixing of magic and politics though ?

  5. I think it’d be allowable, actually, same as hiring magicians to help interrogate accused criminals is allowed — it’s buying advice, not giving magicians political power.

    But it’d be close to the line.

  6. Hiring magicians to check for truthfulness in those answers would be somewhat dangerous. A potential Regent/Council member may be able to bribe the magician into giving whatever answer they wish.

    Of course, there could be safeguards, but on the whole it might get pretty messy. How many magicians are in Semma to begin with who could do this, or who would want to travel there to do so? A limited number means a small pool to “lean on”.

    BTW, good to see the final chapter was paid for so quickly.

  7. A limited number means a small pool to “lean on”.

    Also, it makes it easier for them to form a council of their own.

    People who donate to the wizards and witches retirement fund are surprisingly more likely to be people who are perfect for the council and the Regency.

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