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First, no, I haven’t written the final draft of The Vondish Ambassador yet. Haven’t even started it. We were traveling out west for a week and a half, and I’ve been working on The Summer Palace, third and final volume in the Annals of the Chosen, which is very late.

But I will get to it soon.

Wildside will get The Vondish Ambassador out in a print-on-demand trade paperback edition as soon as possible once it’s finished, and the regular offset edition will appear several months thereafter. Yes, a mass-market paperback edition is planned for somewhere a year or two down the road.

You can still claim a copy of the first edition by donating $25, but this offer expires April 10th.

Meanwhile, Wildside has also decided to publish a limited-edition hardcover of The Spriggan Mirror. This will be a 500-copy edition, $35 a pop, not signed or numbered. It wasn’t my idea; it was a whim on publisher John Betancourt’s part, as enough people had asked about one that he thought it would be worth doing.

I believe a mass-market paperback of The Spriggan Mirror ought to be out some time in 2008.

The next serial is still undetermined — don’t know what it’ll be, or when.

Anything else anyone wants to know?

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  1. So how does the donation work with all those version? If I donated over $35, do I have the option of getting one of the hardbacks? Or do the donations strictly qualify one for the print on demand trade paperback? Will that, or any of the editions, be signed/numbered?

    What are the qualitative differences between the print on demand edition and the offset edition? Will they have the same dimensions, paper quality, and fonts used?

  2. The hardcovers are of The Spriggan Mirror; as of now, no hardcover edition of The Vondish Ambassador is planned. If you want there to be one, talk to John Betancourt and be prepared to wait a year or more.

    There will be no signed or numbered editions of either book, though I’ll sign individual copies for donors who want that.

    Donors default to getting the print-on-demand trade paperback; if you want anything else, you’ll need to tell me when I get to the point of checking on addresses and preferences.

    There were both print-on-demand and offset editions of The Spartacus File, and I couldn’t tell them apart; there may be differences, but they won’t be obvious.

  3. Huh. I hadn’t even noticed that they put an excerpt in the back of The Wizard Lord.

    Mine’s from the Prologue. I think theirs is from Chapter One.

  4. I found a copy of book 1 of the Chosen at my local B Dulton’s. It is on the stack behind the book I am currently reading. In the one I am reading now, they blew up a town that I lived in, and damaged another one I lived in. Kinda strikes close to home, dontcha know? And that is just the opening chapter of the book!

    Kinda reminds me of the movie “The Day After”, where they shot it around my alma mater, and nuked the big city 30 miles away. Rewatching that recently, they screwed up the graphics. Some of the US nuke response was launched from the middle of CAMPUS! the way they portrayed it.

    Waiting for book 2 and 3 to add to my collection of Watt-Evans books.

  5. I believe a mass-market paperback of The Spriggan Mirror ought to be out some time in 2008.

    Actually, it looks like it’s to be a September 2007 release. From Wildside’s Cosmos imprint.

    Could change, though.

  6. So, can I still get a copy of the P-O-D book? I’ve been interested in reading the Ambassador, but I can’t deal with reading fiction on a computer screen. has nothing about it … doesn’t even list you as an author. How do I order?

  7. To find me listed as an author try or, instead.

    You still won’t find The Vondish Ambassador, though, because it isn’t finished. It’s still just first draft. I’ve been too damned busy to get back to it.

    Once it’s done, yes, you’ll be able to get a copy, after everyone who donated money during the serial.

  8. I really enjoyed this serial, even more than the Spriggan Mirror. I’m glad the concept is continuing to work. I look forward to the next one.

  9. Looks like I’m a bit late to the game being as it’s now August and all….are you still taking donations for the POD version of The Vondish Ambassador? Oh…and I was very happy that Wildfire put out a hardcover of The Spriggan Mirror….my wife got it for me for my b-day! Too bad they misspelled Ethshar on the inside of the dust jacket…

  10. Yes, I’m still taking donations. I shouldn’t be, but what the heck, since I still haven’t written the second draft — I just started it last night — why not?

    And yes, they misspelled Ethshar. Sigh.

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