13 thoughts on “Realms of Light: Progress Report Five

  1. Yes, it was indeed named for John Wheeler; I’d been reading about his work when I first wrote Nightside City.

  2. I like the direction this seems to be taking already. I recall when I was reading Nightside City that there was clear room for additional involvement of the patriarch of the Nakada clan once things were getting resolved. I rather suspected that something more nefarious and potentially deadly for the heroine might have been in store, (I suppose it could still go that way – just have to read and see!) and I was suspicious over how much trust seemed to be present from someone so high socially towards someone who walked such shady paths.

    I look forward to the next several months reading.

  3. Grandfather Nakada addresses Carlisle twice as Mis’ Nakada. Is that an error on your part or a sign of things to come?

  4. Just noticed that the Misenchanted Tales page indicates that Realms of Light is starting “very soon” even though it clearly has already begun.

  5. I went to fix the Mis’ Nakada entry twice in the word file I make of the document, and my search turned up Mis’ Hsing as well. You should fix that as well. And one sentence ending in “Mis.” and the next sentence starts “Certainly.”

    Better run a file search and replace on Mis’ in Chapter 2. I show 4 occurances still in what is posted at this time.

  6. We’re… kinda close. If the per-chapter price were $250, we’d be there; at $300 we aren’t. I’m considering lowering it, but honestly, right now I still haven’t decided one way or the other.

    I’m planning to say something this evening about the situation; I just don’t know yet what it’ll be.

  7. I will get around to sending in my donation, but probably be after the holidays. Snc eI don’t read it until the end anyway, what the hey.

    And I fixed my copy of the text by re-downloading Chap 2 to fix the problems.

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