Realms of Light: Progress Report Nine

Well, here it is Wednesday, and I’ve only taken in $1,157 of the $1,200 needed for Chapter Five.

I might be a little more upset if it weren’t for the holidays; I’ve been too busy to give this project all that much thought today, and I suspect that’s true of several readers, as well. Kiri arrived Tuesday night and will only be here a few days, Julian’s here for about a three-week stay, and spending time with my kids seems more urgent right now than writing or posting.

Chapter Eight, by the way, is about 90% complete.

I suspect the lacking $43 will arrive soon enough, but for now — no chapter.

3 thoughts on “Realms of Light: Progress Report Nine

  1. Even if the money had been there, I think a break for the holidays would have been more than appropriate. Merry Christmas!

  2. The near-total lack of response would seem to indicate that yes, everyone’s busy with other things. Not a problem; I’m enjoying the holiday with the family.

  3. I picked up nightside city a couple of years ago and read it around a year ago or so after crosstime traffic. It was a quick but fun read. It’s nice that you’re revisiting this area…I really enjoyed rebirth of wonder and I would be happy to see some more of Pel Brown…Anyhow you’re probably right about the lack of discussion. I got your initial notice and am only just now finding the time to glance over the project. Nightside City was entertaining so the sequel should do well.

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