Realms of Light: Progress Report Seventeen

Current total: $1,977.00

Chapter Nine posts at: $2,000.00.

I better start getting the files ready.

Haven’t written much of Chapter Eleven, unfortunately; I’ve been busy with other stuff (like finishing Above His Proper Station for Tor, and doing our income taxes). Chapter Ten is written, as donors should know. I have a couple of minor projects to wrap up, and then I should be able to focus on Realms for awhile.

1 thought on “Realms of Light: Progress Report Seventeen

  1. Read Chapter 10 last night and I am still loving this book and the direction it is taking. I can see why you want to finish it even if the funds are taking longer. I am somewhat disappointed that the book doesn’t seem to have a larger following. I wonder what sorts of free or near to it marketing could be done to help move donations along.

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