Realms of Light: Progress Report Twenty-Two

Oh, dear.  I’ve been neglecting this.  I can’t do that much longer, though, as I’m only seven dollars short of having to post Chapter Eleven.

I still haven’t finished writing Chapter Fourteen; I got busy with other projects, household concerns, and health issues.  (Nothing serious on that last, not to worry.)  I’ll get back to it soon; I just need to finish up a report I’m writing that was due today, and then Realms of Light will go back to the top of the queue.

I haven’t written that piece on going back to a story after a twenty-year hiatus, either.  I should do that.

I’ve received a couple of inquiries recently regarding Ethshar serials.  I’m planning to launch one (probably The Final Calling) pretty much as soon as Realms of Light is written, unless Tor or some other high-paying publisher presents me with a serious deadline of some sort.  I can’t make any solid guess when that will be, though.

Thanks for bearing with me.

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