Realms of Light: Progress Report Thirty-Two

Alas, no new chapter yet, but I wanted to let readers know that the contracts with FoxAcre Press have been signed, and the token advance has been paid.

There’s no publication date yet, though; the publisher is in the midst of relocating because of his wife’s job, so everything’s at sixes and sevens. (I love strange old idioms like that.) It may, I regret to say, be awhile. Realms of Light is next in the editorial queue, but we don’t know when he’ll get to it. We do have cover art.

Further bad news: In a recent computer crash I lost the entire working file for the half-finished “Setting the Stage,” and no, I idiotically didn’t have back-ups. I’ll need to rewrite it from scratch. (I was able to recover the other two damaged files, but not that one.)

On the other hand, I wasn’t happy with how it was going, which was why it was only half-finished, and the delays at FoxAcre give me more time to get it right. I do still have the original letters.

As for the serial, I have $137 toward posting Chapter Fifteen, out of $250 needed. Inching forward very slowly…

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