The Final Calling: Progress Report Fifteen

Chapter Fourteen and Chapter Fifteen have been posted.

I’m still writing Chapter Twenty-One, as I didn’t get anything done on it while traveling. (I did finish preparing the files to reprint The Cyborg and the Sorcerers and The Wizard and the War Machine.)

Everything’s paid for through Chapter Twenty-One; I need to get busy and finish writing it.

Chapter Sixteen should be posted on schedule on Wednesday the 29th.

5 thoughts on “The Final Calling: Progress Report Fifteen

  1. Welcome back from vacation! Chapter fifteen was worth the wait. The timing of the cakes’ arrival right after Hanner’s comment was a nice touch.

    So the Wizards’ Guild has drawn their line in the sand, eh? As brutal as it sounds, I think it’s about the only thing they COULD do, given the alternative. One Vond is bad enough; an army of them could tear the world apart.

    It puts poor Sterren in a rather precarious situation, though, doesn’t it? Clearly, the Wizards’ Guild plans to eliminate Vond; I wonder if they’ll make an exception for Sterren, given that he’s been kicking around all this time without using the Towers to make himself more powerful.

    Hanner’s wife remarrying was…well, almost inevitable, and foreshadowed clearly in the first few chapters. Without meaning to, Hanner left his family with almost no money and with no means of support.

    In the long run, I wonder how that’ll impact his interactions with Rudhira?

    On an utterly unrelated note–I wonder if the Spriggans know about the Towers, and if so, why there aren’t legions of the little critters cuddled up to their sides?

  2. Prediction, Hanner being the p9olitical genius he is will turn to his sister the Steward/Castalian for Azrad and gather together the Council of Warlocks in a united front. The Wizards Guild can’t interfere in politics, and they should know better than to try and take out thew Warlocks after they supported them as a school of magic in the past. Maybe they can assassinate all the Lumeth Warlocks, but I remember what Hanner said way back in Night of Madness. A tuned Warlock doesn’t look any different than anyone else, so they can hide their talent especially when they are low level. But it doesn’t take much power for a Warlock to tune someone else to The Source or presumably to Lumeth either. Mess with the known Warlocks and an unknown Warlock might just tune you (Illithia) to Lumeth and make you a Warlock. Not a threat to be ignored lightly considering what it would do to the Guildmaster’s career as a Wizard.

  3. Oh, and what would happen if a Spriggan went into the chasm prior to it’s closing?

    I think we can look forward to Hanner finding a solution that fixes the problem without necessarily making the wizard’s guild smile.

  4. Hi LWE!
    Been awhile since I have written. Innyhoo, I know that you are going to have a logical ending, one that’s consistent with Ethshar but personally I would really like to see a compromise solution, perhaps something similar to the Spriggan Mirror ending. Granted, I was not rooting for the spriggans but I would really like to see some warlocks stay. I know that a) Warlockry was tolerated before b/c of the Calling and b) No one in their right mind wants people drawing power from the World’s Air Freshner but I would really like to see a few “Lumeth Warlocks” stick around. I am not sure if it is on purpose or not but telling Hanner about his wife so soon after the first shoe was dropped looks as if the Guild is not giving Hanner a chance to think about the Guild’s motivations. Innyhoo, enjoying the reading. See you in the funny papers,

  5. I’m sure that LWE will give us a logical and entertaining ending. Hasn’t he always?

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s chapter.


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