Realms of Light: Progress Report Thirty-Five

Okay, if you donated $25 or more and e-mailed me to confirm your shipping address, your books are either in the mail, or in the last box on the dining room table that I’ll be taking to the post office Friday afternoon. Domestic shipments went out Media Mail; foreign ones went Airmail First Class. I hope I got everyone’s book choices right, and autographed everything that anyone wanted autographed. (In one case I had to re-open the package, sign stuff, and tape it closed again, when I realized I’d missed an autograph request. I hope I didn’t miss any others.)

Nineteen people have not confirmed their addresses. I’ve just sent another e-mail out to those nineteen. If you’re one of them, please respond ASAP.

Update, 5:00p, EST: Thirteen left unconfirmed. If I don’t hear from you by Monday, I’ll assume your address is still good and you want Option No. 2.

If you donated less than $25, thank you, but you don’t get any books. The window to upgrade has closed.

There will be a Kindle edition of Realms of Light. It’s not out yet because of a communication glitch between FoxAcre and myself, but it should be available by Christmas. FoxAcre is also acquiring the e-book rights to Nightside City, so there’ll soon be a Kindle edition of that, too, but I’ve had to remove it from Fictionwise.

Other e-book editions — well, we’ll see.

Oh, and if you asked to have your copy of Setting the Stage autographed — check page 26.

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