One-Eyed Jack: Progress Report One

You know, after giving it some thought, I decided there just wasn’t any real point in serializing One-Eyed Jack. So I’ve published it.

The trade paperback edition is $14.98.

The Kindle edition is $5.99.

The NookBook (ePub) edition is also $5.99.

So far those are the only sources, but the trade paperback edition should be available from Amazon soon, and I believe it can be special ordered by traditional outlets — the ISBN is 9781466291539. (It’s possible it isn’t available to them yet, but, as with Amazon, it should be soon.)

I have not yet made the e-book available anywhere else, but if there’s interest I can put it on Smashwords, whence it will go to Apple, Sony, Kobo, and Diesel. If anyone has a problem with CreateSpace I’m perfectly willing to do a Lulu edition, but as yet I haven’t bothered.

I’m eager to see how this goes, and to see what readers think of the story. If it does well, I have two sequels, Suicide King and Queen of Hearts, plotted.

So check it out, and let me know what you think.

18 thoughts on “One-Eyed Jack: Progress Report One

  1. …and it’s uploaded, but needs to go through their review process. Should be on Smashwords by Monday or so, and should hit Apple, Diesel, Kobo, etc. in a week or two.

  2. Woo!

    Purchased off Smashwords just now, downloaded, uploaded to my iPhone. (Stanza via Calibre). It’ll be next after I finish my current book (80% though Star Risk, Ltd, by the late Chris Bunch)

  3. I don’t, exactly. Depending how you’re looking, though, you may wind up with a list of all my FoxAcre titles, or my Misenchanted Press titles, or both.

    Or did you find something else?

  4. I enjoyed the story a lot, it wasn’t what I was expecting really, I think the Urban Fantasy got into a Buffy driven ‘humor & horror creatures’ without being too scary scene (which works for me, I enjoy it a lot). I liked the fact that this story actually felt far creepier than most of the genre, however I can see how this slight change in tone made it harder to sell than wiseass first person with werewolf packs & vampire clans and assorted other standard supernatural stuff.

    I hope it does well, the big problem on Amazon is of course obscurity, how to distinguish a new urban fantasy from a skilled writer.

  5. One from each publisher. I did a search on Watt and clicked on the first author link of yours that I saw. That’s how I normally search for your books since some website searches do funny things with the hyphen in your name. I didn’t even realize until I read it here that you had more books available than were shown. I would suggest that, if possible, you should somehow have each at least link to the other.

  6. Thanks, Jon. You can see now why I’ve been talking about it as horror as much as urban fantasy.

    follick, Smashwords is not a very well-designed site, but I may be able to set up some cross-linkage; I’ll put it on my to-do list.

  7. Ok, I finished it. I really didn’t like it at first, but it grew on me more and more as the book progressed, and now I actually want a sequel.

    I’m not a huge fan of the urban fantasy genre, I used to read the Anita Blake series until it went way too far into bestiality erotica, and have read a few others.

    Now I’m finally getting around to reading “Bring the Jubilee” by Ward Moore.

  8. Well Eric,
    Not to ruin your fun but I did not enjoy “Bring the Jubilee” and my great grandmother actually hid silverware from Union Soldiers. Too many unlikely things happen for me to have really enjoyed the story even if the premise was entertaining. If you wanted to read a story about the South winning the Civil War, I recommend “Guns of the South.” Jubilee simply jumps the shark way to early for me to find the story plausible and the tech is sloppy.
    Regardless, have a good weekend. @LWE, I am really excited about that collection of short stories coming out just tell me where to cut my check. Also, I was wondering if that story “After the Dragon is Dead,” is that story orphaned or do you have more from that Universe?

  9. I wasn’t going to say anything, since I didn’t want to be a killjoy, but I, too, thought Bring the Jubilee kinda sucked. I think its reputation is built on being the first “South wins” novel, not on being a particularly good one.

    (There had been Confederate victory stories before, by authors ranging from Winston Churchill to James Thurber, but Ward Moore was the first to attempt a serious novel.)

    Of course, I’m probably biased — most of my ancestors were still east of the Atlantic at the time, but the American branch was northern and strongly Abolitionist, not to mention one of them being the passing-for-white granddaughter of an escaped slave. I have no sympathy for the Confederate cause.

    But getting back to me (my favorite subject), there’s no news on Tales of Ethshar beyond the contracts having been signed. No idea when it’ll be out. Wildside is understaffed, so any time there’s any sort of problem the delays tend to snowball, and they had some pretty significant delays over the last month or two as a result of the move to a new office not going smoothly.

    “After the Dragon is Dead” was a one-off, set in a sort of generic fantasy universe; I could probably tie it in with some others, but I’ve never bothered to do so.

  10. Well Lawrence,
    I would add that you are also too polite or maybe it is simply too professional to criticize other authors. I have since being on here, directed a lot of pop shots at an author that Baen books simply believes can do no wrong and you have refrained in a very gentlemanly fashion. Granted, I did not name names or get very specific. You may not have known I was even picking on this person but regardless, I assumed you had principles. When’s the next Ethshar serial going to get rolling?

  11. Oh, I’ll criticize other authors if sufficiently annoyed; it just takes a lot to annoy me.

    Right now I don’t have any idea when I’ll be launching the next Ethshar serial. I’m not even sure what it’ll be, though The Sorcerer’s Widow is still the leading contender.

  12. I got it off of Smashwords, because I saw this post. I’d read a sequel. But I’d also read another Ethshar novel, so I suppose I’m easy to please. 🙂

  13. Hey, that makes my life a little simpler.

    Right now Suicide King is very low on my list of things to do, but I should have another Ethshar novel under way some time this year.

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