The Sorcerer’s Widow: Progress Report Six

Chapter Six is now online.

Chapters Seven through Twelve are paid for.

Chapters Seven, Eight, and Nine are written.

It’s going reasonably well, but as I said in the preceding note, this first draft is rougher than my previous serials. I suspect it’s because I’m working from a very sketchy outline.

I’m estimating it’ll run twelve to fifteen chapters in all, but I could be way off. If I tried I could probably wrap it up in Chapter Ten, or if the plot gets away from me it could run eighteen or twenty.


14 thoughts on “The Sorcerer’s Widow: Progress Report Six

  1. Well, I hope this doesn’t irk you, but I kind of hope the plot gets away from you a bit – not a lot, just enough that you need to explore some things you hadn’t expected to. I’m loving this story so far and if it takes a bit longer to tie it all up, that would be fine by me.

  2. I’m afraid that as of Chapter Ten, I’m pretty much past the “exploring new stuff” part of the story and into resolving plot and character issues. But who knows? Maybe I’ll stumble into something unexpected.

  3. Ezak: … but why would she do that?
    Kel: Because she knows we came here to steal it!

    So, which of them was supposed to be the stupid one?

    Prediction: Ezak will get himself killed before the novel ends.

  4. Lawrence,

    Vis-a-vis your previous post about this being a rough draft: I noticed in the current chapter that you mention warlocks. Isn’t this pre-Calling? Or is that something that changed (or I mis-remembered)?


  5. “Pre-Calling”? You mean before the Night of Madness? No, it isn’t. If I said it was (which I might have), I’ve changed my mind. It’s 53rd century. I think it’s pre-spriggan, though.

  6. Ezak and Kel are really a classic duo; they remind me a bit of a larcenous Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, or Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. You have the “smart” member of the duo–who is sorely lacking in any sort of common sense or good judgment–and his faithful sidekick, who (despite being considered less intelligent) has to supply the common sense for both of them.

  7. The previous date is squarely in the middle of the age of warlockry;
    5202 Night of Madness
    5215 Sorcerer’s Widow (previously stated, roughly, subject to change.
    5236 Final Calling

  8. Incidentally, I hadn’t thought of either the Quixote/Panza or Sawyer/Finn comparison, but they’re both valid.

  9. I’m really enjoying this. Won’t donate this time, but that’s only because funds are tight.

    When she explained what the fil drepessis is in chapter 5 I wondered if it could repair the broken Tower of Lumeth. Obviously that’s not going to happen given the time frame, and I wonder if the spells laid there by the wizards would even let the apparatus get close.

  10. Reading the earlier responses to the chapter 5 post I see others spotted the obvious use of the fil too.

  11. Good to see that she realised that her plan was somewhat flawed.

    I guess she felt it was better to keep them near where she can see them.

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