The Sorcerer’s Widow: Progress Report Twelve

Chapter Twelve is now online. The remaining two chapters will be posted next week, if all goes according to plan.

I talked to Wildside’s publisher on Friday, and the contracts for the finished edition are allegedly on their way. Of course, I haven’t actually written the final draft yet…

The entire first draft will be online until August; after August 1, no promises. Likewise, I’ll accept donations on the usual terms until August 1. While the entire serial is paid for, I have a personal target I’d like to reach beyond that. I’m still $98.00 short of that goal.

This one went pretty quickly, being as short as it is.

3 thoughts on “The Sorcerer’s Widow: Progress Report Twelve

  1. Dorna got her bag with all her talismans back pretty easily. I was hoping Ezak would put a bigger struggle so she could at least pistol whip him a little bit.

    Off topic, are we ever going to get an in depth story on the Cult of Demerchan or a story about the life of someone in the Cult (stories should be about people)? I think that would make for an interesting story to see how the cult hierarchy worked and how the people in it identified one another, is there a secret handshake or something?

  2. Ezak isn’t the brightest cookie in the Jar but putting a bigger struggle at this point would be pretty stupid even for him.

    Sorry to see the story ending so soon… Learning about Dorna’s further adventures in the big city would have been fun and I could easily see this expand to a two-part story: one half before arriving to Ethshar of the Sands, one half after. Not to mention that Dorna’s talks with sorcerers while trying to sell her amulets would give us even more to mull about sorcery!

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