The Sorcerer’s Widow: Progress Report Fourteen

Okay, Chapters Three through Fourteen will be taken down at some point in the next forty-eight hours. (Note, that’s the maximum, not the minimum.) I’ve received the contract from Wildside, my agent’s reviewing it, I’m finishing up the final polish on the completed novel, and this one’s just about wrapped up.

The final draft will be at least 2,500 words longer than the serial version, but the changes are mostly minor, adding more detail here and there.

No publication date yet. No cover information. It’ll probably be at least a few months before the book is available.

Update: Those chapters are gone. Thanks again to all my supporters.

I haven’t yet made any decisions about the next serial beyond, “There’ll probably be one.” It might be the Untitled Big Fat Ethshar novel, it might be Ishta’s Companion, it might be something else.

Wildside is still happily publishing pretty much everything I send them, especially Ethshar stories, and I expect that to continue.

Oh, I almost forgot — I’ve had e-mails to a couple of donors bounce recently. If your e-mail address has changed since you donated, you need to tell me, ASAP.

Thanks for your support!

9 thoughts on “The Sorcerer’s Widow: Progress Report Fourteen

  1. I haven’t changed my email address, but the last email I received was “Chapter 11 is posted”. It also said that ch. 12 would be the next week and then 13/14 the week after that.

    Was that the latest email to be sent to the list?

  2. No, it was not — there have been three more since then. I didn’t notice your e-mail bouncing, though; do you have a spam folder you can check?

  3. The last e-mail I got was in May thanking me for my contribution. E-mail address is still the same….

  4. Ah. Yes. Because of your method of payment I missed getting your e-mail into the list. It’s been added now.

    For future reference, every donor should receive an e-mail notice every time I post a new chapter. If you sent money and ever do not receive a notice, something is wrong and I want to know about it. This has been true on every serial and will continue to be true.

  5. Yeah was in spam, though I don’t use this email address.

    It is weird that it let some through and then started blocking.

  6. Not a problem, I’m checking frequently during a serial running, so I didn’t miss anything. Been using that method to pay for 4? books now, we ought to be getting used to it.

  7. Based on the conversation with raphfrk. I may be missing an email. I have the email for chapter 11 is posted then 2 more, chapter 12 is posted and the serial is complete.

    I don’t have a soft copy of the story, did you send those out this time?

  8. Nope. As for the e-mails, there was an e-mail warning that I would be taking down most of the chapters. That went out August 13 with the subject line “Notice!”

  9. Mergeldy. I knew I should have been checking the website more often…I completely missed this book. Will have to break down and buy it.

    And I’ll have to sign up for the email notices.

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